About Us

Democratizing Capital

Collaborative Investment and Networking Platforms
purpose-built for the Asset Management Industry.
By Finance Professionals, for Finance Professionals

At LP Solutions (LPS), we believe technology can more efficiently connect Investment Professionals and Capital based on meritocracy.


That’s why we built Cloud-based CRM and Investment collaboration software platforms for the Asset Management Industry and Enterprise that marry relationships with the facilitative and unbiased power of technology. Our team’s extensive finance experience in Investing and Investment Banking informs the design of all of our products; in fact, our first solutions were born of an internal need for what we couldn’t find in the marketplace.


RoundTables™ is our revolutionary platform for sourcing and collaborating around high quality Asset Managers and Investment Opportunities. We also license proprietary CRM software, Harbor and SeedRM, to GPs and LPs, respectively, to manage Fundraising, Deal Pipeline, Business Development, Investor Relations, Document Management, and Operations.