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Democratizing Capital

Collaborative Investment Networking and Data Analytics
Platforms purpose-built for the Asset Management Industry.
By Finance Professionals, for Finance Professionals

Lenox Park Solutions is a FinTech company that services the Asset Management Industry. We leverage significant domain expertise in creating technology solutions that enable collaboration, data aggregation and analysis, and insights generation around investment managers and deals. Our mission is to promote democratization of access capital for industry participants through transparency and the use of technology to eliminate bias, and to promote meritocracy.

Our flagship technology platform, RoundTables™, is a cloud-based ecosystem for Asset Managers that provides access to two primary tools and business lines: i) Data Aggregation and Analysis, which includes RoundTables Surveys, and the Lenox Park Diversity Impact Score (LPI) DEI index, as well as other data-driven assessment tools; and ii) Collaborative and Networking Technologies, such as our RoundTables Peer Organized Domains (PODs) that function as themed private peer-networks, allowing for collaboration around investments, events, and other contributions. Specific applications include collaboration around manager selection, co-investment syndication, secondaries, and investment strategies. Designed to bypass traditional Industry gatekeepers, RoundTables PODs will help to truly democratize access to capital.