Open Positions



Lenox Park Solutions (LPS) is seeking a motivated and highly capable candidate eager to work hard, learn and contribute based on diverse skill set and experiences. As a front-end developer, the candidate will be responsible in optimizing frontend load times, debug rendering cases, and continue to improve LPS product suite’s user experience. The candidate will also work in refactoring and improving Vue components during product development. 70% of the developing will be in Vue.js and 30% in PHP.


In addition to being a team player, able to explain technical issues to a non-technical person, eager, professional the
candidate must have extensive knowledge and proficiency in the following:

  • Vue.js (4 or more years of experience)
  • Webpack
  • Laravel framework
  • Fluent in English

Additionally, experience in the following is encouraged:

  • Docker
  • AWS (EC2, Redis, MySQL, CI/CD, WAF)
  • PHPUnit
  • Web Security


Lenox Park Solutions (LPS) is a technology solutions firm that provides software for Institutional Asset Managers. Leveraging
deep experience in investment banking and asset management, LPS has developed technological best practices after years of
working with some of the world’s most well-respected investment firms. LPS provides users with collaborative and data
aggregation software that augments capital management, creating operational efficiencies and long-term institutional
memory of key information.

The LPS technology suite emphasizes collaboration in a way that does not interfere with the day-to-day tasks of the investor;
as all our products are built and maintained by investment professionals, the technology solutions are built in such a way to
seamlessly interact with systems that are currently in place, augment data collection from outside sources, or provide
necessary infrastructure where it was previously lacking. LPS maintains offices in New York, NY and Austin, TX.