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Cloud-based Collaboration

& Data Intelligence Platform

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Why RoundTables

Democratizing Access to Capital

and Enabling Impact

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Collaboration & Co-Investments

Collaborate around funds, managers and syndicate co‐investment deals.

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Survey Data Analytics & Reporting

Leverage technology to aggregate high integrity data, create robust reports, and score organizations using our LPI score for DEI.

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Exchange Portal

Dynamic and automated inbound management system so you never miss an investment opportunity.

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Collaboration & Co-Investments

Close Deals Faster with Collaborative Data Intelligence

Investment-themed PODs

Craft secure, private peer networks around any investment theme and collaborate with those who matter to you.

Co-Investment PODs

Co‐investment specific PODs enable efficient, real time sharing of critical deal data to syndicate third party opportunities

PODs Insights

Track trends and build institutional memory around deal flow

Surveys, Data Analytics & Reporting

Robust Data

Aggregation Platform

Drive and monitor the impact of investment allocations using advanced surveys and reporting, and rank investments with our proprietary LPI Score for DEI

Standardized, Collaborative Surveys

Gather data from constituents with our robust template and custom surveys that enable collaboration and prioritize User satisfaction to yield high integrity, meaningful metrics

LPI Score

Benchmark organizations and rank them with our proprietary LPI Score

DEI Reporting

Detailed DEI statistical package on your own organization

New Opportunities
Exchange Portal

Discover and Manage New Opportunities

Dynamic and automated inbound management system with advanced filtering and analytics.

Discover & Manage Opportunities

Adjust filters and permissions to meet organization‐specific thresholds for investment or partnership.

One Click Meetings

Schedule meetings directly with organizations that meet your requirements

Actionable analytics

Aggregate metrics important to your organization’s diligence process


Security is our

Top Priority

We take all precautions necessary to ensure your privacy is respected and your information is secure.